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Popular Pest Control Services

Grand Rapids Termite Control

Termite Treatment & Inspections

We offer termite inspections as well as multiple methods of expert termite extermination services to suit your situation.

If termites are left untreated, your home can sustain very serious, costly damage. Remember, not all termites leave mud tunnels. If you suspect your home has termites; contact us now so we can identify, assess and treat the problem immediately to minimize damage to your home.

Mosquito Spraying Grand Rapids

Residential Mosquito Control

Protect your family from itchy, irritating bites — and West Nile Virus with mosquito spraying.

Residential mosquito control is growing in popularity, and if your family spends alot of time outdoors — at the pool, deck, patio, or even just gardening, you will greatly enjoy a more relaxing backyard with far fewer mosquitoes.

Rockford Michigan pest control

Bees, Wasps and Hornets

Don't let stinging bees and other insects keep your family indoors or scare the kids from playing in the backyard.

Whether bees are being attracted to your property by flowers or plantings in your yard, openings in siding or other structure crevices, or something else, we can efficiently identify and eliminate the problem so you can enjoy your yard without worry of being stung.